Circular Backshells

Connector Backshells are electro-mechanical devices threaded to the rear of the connector shell to provide strain relief, environmental sealing and EMI/RFI protection for cable terminations. TICS offers a comprehensive range of circular backshells ideal for use in rugged and harsh environment applications. All the backshells manufactured at our facility are compatible with applicable military specifications or commercial equivalents.

Backshells can selected based on wide variety of termination options including the Banding, Shield Sock, Memory Ring, Band In a Can and Cable Clamp Strain Reliefs. With a range of materials & finishes, coupling ring styles and cable entry configurations, TICS offers a one stop solution for protecting your military connectors.

Series 21-Band/Spring Adapter

These adapters are available in various finishes and coupling styles including the Self Lock coupling which can be used in high vibration environments.It can accommodate cable diameters up to 50.80mm.

Series 31-Memory Ring Adapter

The MRB series adapters make use of shape memory alloy rings for terminating the copper cable braid. The free spinning adapters provides 360° shielding and are resistant to shock and vibration.

Series 41-shrink Boot Adapter

These adapters are configured to accommodate lipped shrink boots and are used for offering mechanical strain relief. These adapters are a good choice when unshielded cables are used and are available for most circular connectors.

Series 51-Shield Sock Adapter

Turbo’s shield sock adapters have a copper tinned braid attached to it. The braid is attached by means of stainless-steel termination band. The length of the braid is decided based on the customer requirements.

Series 61-Lamp Base Thread Adapter

The lamp base thread adapters are designed to accept cable clamps and environmental sealing nuts. These adapters have threads at the rear similar to that of a lamp base and can accommodate heat shrink boot to a cable.